Tree Transplanting  Specialists

Treelocations provides a specialist tree transplanting services. We can relocate your established trees with the minimum effect to their growing cycle using our mechanical tree spades.

Treelocations - Mercedes 1124 and Optimal 1400 Tree Spade

Based in Ohaupo, Treelocations operates throughout the North Island to remove, relocate and or transplant your established trees.

We will also buy and remove your established specimen and mature trees that have outgrown their location or are no longer wanted.

We have a range of tree spades which we can mount onto our Mercedes depending on the size and type of trees involved. Because the Mercedes is an All Terrain Vehicle with a high clearance we can move in and out of most situations.

Our tree spades and machinery can transplant trees that are up to six metres tall. It is quick, clean and cost effective.

Our Customers

Transplanting a tree within a sub division

We find ourselves helping a range of people.

On the one hand there are people faced with cutting down a favourite specimen tree, on the other, there are people in new lifestyle blocks who would desperately like to have an established tree or trees on their property.

Subdivision and property developers, architects and landscapers are also very interested in sourcing established trees for their clients needs and we also do a lot of work for local councils and schools.

Mature Trees for Sale

Treelocations has a tree nursery that has mature trees for sale or that have already been sold and waiting to be transplanted into their new locations. We have a growing range of mature specimen trees for sale.

We have a range of mature specimen trees in our Tree Nursery at Ohaupo.