About Us

Treelocations has a range of tree-spades set up for a range of tree transplanting services, which can be mounted on our Mercedes all terrain vehicle.

Optimal 1400 Tree Spade for NZ

Treelocations - Mercedes 1124 with our Optimal 1400 Tree Spade.

We specialise in tree transplanting, removing, relocating or moving established evergreen and deciduous trees.

We have been moving mature specimen trees, fruit trees, shelter belt trees, nursery trees and street trees for our clients in the Waikato and around the North Island.

Our customised Mercedes 1124 truck with our Optimal 1400 tree spade, complete with on board cameras and comprehensive electric over  hydraulic system means that we can back straight up to your tree, remove your tree and transport it to its next home with minimum impact on your property.

Treelocations can transplant trees that are up to six metres tall.

Tree spade in action operated by our electric over hydraulic system.

Because our spades are mounted on our Mercedes,we can get in and out of almost any property in almost all weather conditions.

Who is behind Treelocations?

Treelocations is owned and operated by Barry Cox.  Contact Barry.

Specimen Tree Nursery

Treelocations also have a mature tree nursery established in Ohaupo with specimen trees suitable for sub divisions and landscape features.

We are always moving trees in, holding them, then relocating to other properties.

We can also transplant your specimen or fruit trees and hold them in our nusery, or relocate them elsewhere on your property until you are ready to replant them.

Treelocations has moved trees off sub divisions to allow earthworks then moved the trees back onto the property when the development was completed.

Barry Cox has been operating Treelocations from Ohaupo around the Waikato for a few years, after buying the original Mercedes Truck & Big John treespade and Treelocations business.